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2016-2017 Program

2016-2017 Program 

9-23-16          Dr. Mark Malterud
11-18-16        Dr. Bill Hang
1-13-17          Dr. John Gillespie
3-17-17          Dr. John Burgess

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Friday, September 23, 2016
Dr. Mark Malterud
Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Biomimetics: It’s More Than Tiny Preparations

The concept of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MIBD) will be presented along with the integration of Ozone as an adjunct to these treatments. Time will be spent developing the science background of O3 use and areas of where it can be used in dentistry. The focus of the presentation will always be on MID with a philosophy of “do no harm.” Techniques will be presented to rebuild teeth with buiilt in faith safes so that if the tooth fractures again it will fracture predictably, not catastrophically and is simply repairable. Technologies for helping patients receive these MIBD treatments will be presented and we will briefly touch on the economics of conservative dentistry.

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Friday, November 18, 2016
Dr. Bill Hang
AIRWAY-kening™ Orthodontics - A New Paradigm for the Coming Post Retraction World

With poor facial balance and OSA in young children producing permanent brain damage in just one night and OSA in adults placing patients at risk for virtually every chronic disease with possibly early demise, the stakes for optimizing facial development and airway have never been higher. Is “managing” airway problems the best we can do? This presentation will discuss ways patients could increase their tongue space/airway perhaps eliminating their breathing problems. Expansion of the maxilla is the knee jerk response we hear for addressing OSA, but that is merely a start. Techniques for optimizing forward facial development to increase airway starting as early as age 3 will be outlined. Non-traditional approaches to develope the face and airway in teenagers will be contrasted with more traditional treatment. Patients who have undergone previous retractive orthodontics have options which have been shown to eliminate OSA by increasing the airway. Ten specific “do’s” and “don’ts” will be presented which can be used by wet-gloved dentists on Monday morning. Dentists should be the gatekeepers of the airway through facial development. When dentists understand this and implement approaches which optimize facial balance and airwary, the profession will rightfully become the center of healthcare.

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Friday, January 13, 2017
Dr. Jason Gillespie:
Implant Dentistry: Practicalities, Pearls and Pitfalls

Implant dentistry is an important part of most all restorative practices. It has become the preferred treatment modality in most of the partially edentulous and a necessity in the completely edentulous. Treatments can be classified by their potential difficulty and if one overlooks the classification, the resulting pitfalls can be difficult to both, avoid and escape. This treatment-centric presentation will review restorative and surgical classifications. It will also cover treatments from simple to complex with the realities of private practice in mind. Restorations that are fixed or removable, ceramics or resins will all be covered. Cementation versus screw-retained restorations will be discussed as well as customized parts. Despite your best efforts, implant problems will likely arise. Management of these complications will also be discussed. Finding practicalities, discovering the pearls and avoiding the pitfalls are all goals of the presentation and it should be an immediate benefit to your private practice!

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Friday, March 17, 2017
Dr. John Burgess:
The Adhesive Restoration: Best Materials and Techniques 2017

The course will discuss updates on dental materials and restorative techniques. You will beneift from an unbiased assessment of which materials work, as well as where they are successful, and will be shown techniques to handle many of your everyday clinical concerns. Emphasis will be placed on how you can achieve clinical success with adhesive materials and techniques, post and restorative procedures, vital pulp treatment, tooth whitening procedures, flowable restorations, bulk-filled posterior composite resin restorations, plus ceramic materials and cements. This fast-paced course will help improve your practice and long-term clinical outcomes.

Future Meetings

2017-2018 Program 
September, 2017        TBA
November, 2017       TBA
January 2018          TBA
March 2018         TBA

Past Meetings


9-25-15        Dr. David Landwehr, DDS, MS: Efficient Endodontics

11-20-15      Dr. Brian Novy: Offensive Dentistry
1-22-16        Dr. David Little: Implants and Their Restoration
3-13-16        Dr. Jim Swift: Oral Surgery Update
5-27-16       Spring Social: Saint Paul Saints Skybox

9-19-14        Dr. Thomas McDonald: Functional Considerations in Esthetic Dentistry
11-21-14      Dr. Joseph Kan: Immediate Tooth Replacement in the Esthetic Zone
1-16-15        Mr. David Meinz: What Good is a Dead Patient with Perfect Teeth?
3-13-15        Dr. Leeza Morrow: Doing Great Dentistry is not Easy
5–29-15 Spring Social at Jack Churchill’s Home

9-27-13        Dr. Aldo Leopardi:  Implant Aesthetic Zone Complications (AM) 
                                                     Implant Overdenture Therapy: Current Concepts and Techniques (PM)
11-15-13      Dr. Mark Murphy:   Simplifying the Complex Case:  Occlusion in Everyday Dentistry
2-21-14        Dr. Pascal Magne:   Bonded Restorations in the Anterior Dentition
3-14-14        Dr. Eric Schiffman:  Diagnosis and Management of TMD and Orofacial Pain (AM)

2012-13 Program
9-21-12        Dr. Harold Heymann        Bread and Butter Adhesive and Esthetic Dentistry
11-16-12      Dr. Lee Ann Brady           Avoiding Restorative Failure
1-11-13        Dr. Tom Larson                The Biological Basis of Restorative Dentistry: 
                                                                -Why Wo We Do What We Do in Restorative Dentistry
3-15-13       Dr. Leon Assael,
                    Dean, U of MN                 Update
                    PM Speakers:
George Lundstrom, DDS  Chairside Indirect Composite Crown
                    Rob Jensen, DDS, MS      Laterally Positioned Connective Tissue Pedicle Graft
                                                                for Implant and Bridge Esthetics
                    David Cook, DDS              1)  Diagnosing anbd Staging of Decay and Fracutres
                                                                     Using the DIAGNODent, Fiberoptic Light Transillumination,
                                                                     Magnification and Digital Photography
                                                               2)  Root Banking to Aid Implant and Restorative Dentistry

2011-12 Program
9-16-11        Dr. James Fondriest:  Comprehensive Esthetic Restorative Dentistry
11-18-11      Dr. Vince Kokich Jr.:  Esthetic Interdisciplinary Dentistry
                                                            Emphasizing Comprehensive Treatment Planning
1-20-12        Dr. Frank Higginbottom:  Esthetic Dentistry and Dental Implants
3-16-12        Dr. Allan Honigman:   Lasers in the Treatment and Management of Periodontal Diseases

2010-11 Program
9-17-10          Dr. Steve Ratcliff, DDS Cases I love and the ones I wish I’d never seen!
11-19-10        Tyler Lasseigne, DDS, CDT Success and Predictability in Anterior Fixed Prosthodontics
1-21-2011      Mary Osborne  Earning the Right to Influence... Facing Difficult Conversations with    
                                                   Courage and Skill
3-18-11          Mark B. Weisberg, Ph.D.   Psychology and Bruxism                  
3-20-11          Spring Social at North Oaks Country Club

2009-10 Program
9-18-09      Dr. Steve Lewis:  Concepts and Controversies in Implant Dentistry
11-20-09    Dr. Karl Leinfelder:  Newest Restorative Systems
1-22-10      Dr. Jonathan Parker:  Sleep Apnea
3-19-10      3M Digital Dentistry, and Conventional Dentures: 
                   Joint Presentations by Member Prosthodontists

2008-9 Program
of the Minnesota Academy
of Restorative Dentistry
9-19-08          Dr. Barry Glassman:  TMD & Sleep:  What the Restorative Dentist Needs to Know
11-14-08        Dr. Greg Kinzer:  Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning”.  Shared meeting with            
1-16-09          Dr. Mark Malterud:  Minimally Invasive Dentistry”
3-13-09          Dr. Paul Belvidere:  Using Composite for Problem Solving and Treatment Planning”. 
                      Shared meeting with MAGR

2007-8 Program
9-21-07        James P. Boyd, DDS:   Toothache to Migraine:  The Trigeminal Mediated Disorders.     
                     Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention with the use of an Incisal Guidance Appliance - NTI
11-16-07      Michael J. Melkers, DDS Occlusion, Confusion...  Diagnostic & Restorative
1-25-08         Dr. Thomas Dumont, Bioesthetic Dentistry
3-14-08        AM  Dr. Nelson Rhodus, Oral Cancers; 
PM  Member’s Table Clinics and Presentations; 

2006-7 Program
9-22-06         Dr. Ken Malament, Integration of Esthetic Dentistry and Prosthodontics
11-17-06       Dr. John Sorenson, Lava System and other porcelains
1-12-07         Dr. Roger Levin, Practice Management
3-16-07 AM:             Dr. Marshall Shragg, Record-keeping. PM: Member's Table Clinics
3-16-07 Evening:      MARD Social: Swiss Fondue at the Lowell Inn

2005-6 Program
9-23-05         Dr. Karl Keiser: Endodontics and Pain Control
11-18-05       Dr. Charles S. Greene: Myths of TMJ Therapy
1-20-06         Dr. Patrick Lloyd: Managing todays "Older Adult"
3-17-06 AM             Dr. Tom Larson, PM Member Table Clinics
5-5-06          Spring Social: The Minnesota Zephyr

2004-5 Program
9-24-04         Dr. Jeff Brucia: Diagnosis and Treatment for Predictable Advanced Restorative Dentistry
11-12-04       Dr. Bruce Small: To Metal or not to Metal, Predictable Esthetic Restorative Dentistry
1-21-05         Dr. Joseph Kan: Current Methodologies for Implants in the Esthetic Zone
3-18-05 AM:     Dr. John Schulte: Occlusal Implications in Restorative Dentistry;
3-18-05  PM:     Member presentations
4-22-05        Spring Social: Oops Interactive Dinner Theater

2003-4 Program
9-19-03         Michael Fling: Esthetics - An Interplay Between Reality and Perception
11-14-03       Dianne Newman: Communicatin Skills Workshop for the entire dental team
1-9-04           Dennis Purinton, Lab Technician: Implant Retained Overdentures, Complete Dentures,    
                     Custom Abutments and Esthetic Implant Restorations
3-19-04        Rick Sperling, National Camera Exchange, Digital Photography
PM program:   Clinical Photography by David Cook, Mark Kleive, Fred Carlson and Tom Strub
5-7-04          Spring Banquet at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

2002-3 Program
9-20-02         Dr. Tom Abrahamsen: Diagnosis and Etiology of Tooth Wear
11-15-02       Dr. Frederick Eichmiller, Paffenbarger Research Center: What's New on the Dental Frontier
1-17-03         Dr. John Lawson, Dr. Wayne Sletten, Dr. Tom Dumont: Thinking about Orthognathic
                      Surgery, Face Form and Balance, and Centric Relation from the Surgeons and Orthodontists
3-21-03         Mr. Loren Hanson, MN Dental Association: HIPPA, Dr. Kevin Nakagaki: Current
                      Guidelines for Antibiotic Coverage. Table Clinics: 1. Lab/Impressions - Dr. Chris Lawther;    
                      2. Tooth Guidance - Extractions / Orthodontics - Dr. Steve Sperling; 3. Treatment for
                      Apthous Ulcers - Dr. Bob Schestak; 4. In-Office Splint Fabrication - Dr. Mark Kleive; 5.
                      Maxillofacial Rehabilitation of a Large Facial Deft - Dr. Donna Hecker; 6. Custom
                      Temporaries for Crown and Bridge - Dr. Tom Strub
5-9-03           Spring Cruise on Lake Minnetonka the