The Minnesota Academy for Comprehensive Dentistry




November 2010


This book of guidelines for the Minnesota Academy For Comprehensive Dentistry is designed to provide a list of definitions and expectations for each committee within the organization for easy reference.

Mission:  To provide a forum whereby members can present, study and discuss current topics in comprehensive dentistry and to recruit qualified dentists willing to share and participate in the enhancement of clinical skills, thereby establishing and maintaining an exemplary high level of a comprehensive dental practice.

I.     Board of Directors
A.    Membership will consist of:
1.    The Officers of the Academy.                                                                    
a.    President        
b.    President Elect
c.  Past President     
d.    Vice President
e.    Secretary
f.    Secretary- Elect
g.    Treasurer
h.    Treasurer- Elect

  • i.Two (2) Directors-at-Large to be elected by the members   (liaisons and representatives of the rest of the membership to the board for any problems that may arise.
B.    Each member of the Board of Directors must be an Active or Senior member of the Academy.
C.    Duties will consist of the following:
  • a.Formulate policies to be submitted to the Academy for approval and execute such policies as the Academy may adopt.
  • b.Take responsibility for development of a program to carry out the purpose and aims of the Academy.
  • c.Prepare and approve the annual budget for the upcoming year and submit to Academy for ratification by the Spring meeting.
  • d.Authorize appropriation of funds to conduct the business and policies of the Academy.
D.  Annually review the Audit Committee’s report on the   financial status of the Academy.            
  • E.  Board of Directors meetings:

1. The Board shall meet on the day of the 4 regular meetings 1 hour prior       to or 1 hour after the regular meeting and additionally as called by the President.
2. The President and Secretary shall develop agendas for the Board and general membership meetings.  The general membership meetings occur at each of the 4 regular meetings prior to lunch for 30 minutes.
3.  The Board of Directors and committee chairs meet for a general planning meeting in mid to late summer.  Each committee reports activities and recommendations for the coming year.

II.  Standing Committees
A.    The incoming Vice President shall appoint one new member to each of the following committees and this person will become chair person when the appointing Vice President becomes President: Communication, Futures, Membership, Nominating, Social and all committees not otherwise provided for and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. 

B.    Standing Committees will each have three (3) members.  The committee membership is a tiered system with each member serving three (3) years.  One new member appointed by the Vice President will join the committee each year to provide for continuity and experience on each committee. 

1.    Communications Standing Committee
a.    Purpose:  To promote and maintain communication within the membership and within the larger dental community.
b.    Web page development and maintenance
c.    Email

2.    Futures Standing Committee
a.    Purpose:  To review, evaluate and continue to project new directions for MACD.
b.    Requires at least one meeting per year before the September meeting and a report presented to the Board of Directors at the September meeting.
c.    These individuals are to be MACD’s visionaries.

3.    Membership Standing Committee
a.    Purpose:  To promote the addition of new members.
b.    Review and approve all applications for membership and submit preliminary approval to the Board of Directors.
c.    Approval of applications in accordance with Chapter VI of the By-Laws.

4.  Nominating Standing Committee
  • a.Purpose:  To nominate members to fill upcoming vacancies in elective positions.
  • b.Shall present the names of nominees to the membership 30 days prior to the Spring meeting each year for election.
  • c.Elected officers will be inducted at the Spring Annual meeting.

5.    Social Standing Committee    
a.    Purpose:  To promote the social aspects of MACD and plan the yearend social event.

III.    Program Committee
    • A.Purpose:  To develop a scientific program and propose a budget annually for approval by the Board of Directors.
  • B.    Each member of this committee will serve for three (3) years and the committee will consist of six (6) members as follows:
  • 1.President and his/her Program Chairman.
  • 2.President-Elect and his/her Program Chairman.
  • 3.Vice President and his/her Program Chairman
C.    Responsibilities include:
1.    Set MACD programs for two or more years in advance of the program year.
2.    Select speaker, topic, and date for each meeting.  Every third year MACD will have a program to which staff members are invited.
3.    Make all arrangements for each meeting in conjunction with Sec/Treasurer.
4.    Contracts with speakers made, sent, signed and returned.
5.    Budget for speakers to be approved by the Board of Directors.
6.    Assign Speaker Hosts with the following duties: 
a.    Assigned to each speaker.
b.    Should be a Committee member.
c.    Make sure all speakers’ needs are met.
d.    Transportation to and from hotel, meeting and airport.
e.    Payment of honorarium.
g.    Arrange travel and local transportation for the speaker.
h.    When overnight accommodations have been made:
1).    Offer to entertain with a meal following arrival.
2).    There is a limit of $200 for meals and entertainment paid by MACD.
3).    Limited to out-of-town guests (staying in a hotel).
  • D.The incoming President will appoint his/her program director as the succeeding Program chairman for the next year.
  • E.The Program Chairman (and Committee) is responsible for speaker evaluation forms (see that they are completed, analyzed and a report provide to the Board of Directors – results are to be provided to the speaker by the Program Chairman).  The Speaker evaluation report is to be provided to the Board at the next Board Meeting following that speaker’s presentation.
  • F.Other Duties:
          1.Pick up and host the speaker for our meetings
  • 2.Be the room or AV host
3.Select and contact speakers and negotiate speaker contracts

IV.    Program Chairman
  • A.Negotiate a signed contract agreement with speakers.
  • B.Return a copy of the signed contract to the speaker.
  • C.Introduction of the speaker:
1.Topic for the meeting.
2.Speaker’s background.
  • D.In advance of the meeting, make sure each speaker knows they are required to disclose any affiliation, financial or otherwise, with any company mentioned in their program (written in their agreement), the time currently being spent in clinical practice, whether the information presented is of a clinical or research nature, and research must be present to support statements made.
  • E.See that evaluation forms at each seminar  program are completed and collected.
  • F.Compile a report after tabulating results of the evaluations.
  • G.Report findings to the group at the next MACD meeting and ask for further comments from the membership.

V.    Local Arrangements Facilitator
A.    General
This is an appointed position to be filled by the program committee.  The responsibilities of the Local Arrangements Facilitator are to make all of the arrangements that are necessary to run the meeting related to the hosting facility after the hosting facility has been contacted and the dates confirmed to be available to the MACD.
  • B.Term
1.    The initial term will be two years upon approval of the MACD Board of Directors.
2.    Additional two-year terms as approved by the MACD Board of Directors.
3.    A one-year notice will be offered (if possible), if the duties can not be continued.
4.    Train in the new Local Arrangements Facilitator as needed and transfer contracts from the previous year for planning references.
C.    Specific Responsibilities
1.    To provide the final negotiation and sign the contracts required to secure all meeting rooms, food services and speaker AV requirements.
2.    Select the food services and specific menus for the meeting day.
3.    Keep track of actual food use and make attempts to avoid waste in meal planning.
4.    To respond to member or MACD Board of Directors requests relating to any special needs that might develop during the day that involve the hosting facility.
5.    Work closely with the secretary of MACD in attaining the confirmed attendance due the Monday prior to our Friday meeting and present this number to the hosting facility.
D.    Other Responsibilities
1.    Keep a record of general meeting costs to assist the budgeting of future meetings.
2.    Contact the facilities we are presently using to affirm if future meeting dates are available.
3.    To be available to the program committee relative to the facilities we presently use.
E.    Responsibilities of Other MACD Officers on the Program Committee
1.    Select the dates of future meetings.
2.    Search out facilities other than the ones we are presently using to host our meetings and initiate negotiations.

VI.     Auditor
  • A.Purpose:  The Auditor shall review the financial records of MACD and file a report with the Board of Directors prior to the September Board meeting.
  • B.The auditor is appointed annually by the  President and shall be a member of MACD.
  • C.The financial records of MACD are to be completed by the Treasurer no later than June 30th of each year.

VII.     Historian
  • A.Purpose:  To maintain the archives of MACD and update them as needed.
  • B.The historian is appointed annually by the  President and shall be a member of MACD
  • C.Report recommendations to the Board of Directors for presentation to the membership to be discussed and voted upon.

VIII.  Treasurer Guidelines   
A.    Purpose:  To collect and receive all dues and money owing to MACD and pay all bills and make all other disbursements of the funds of MACD and to perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office.
B.    The Treasurer shall serve for three (3) years.
C.    Present the Treasurer’s Report at meetings as required.
  • D.Present the books of the office for audit within thirty (30) days after the annual spring meeting.
  • E.File tax returns and documents as required.
  • F.The treasurer is to contact immediately any member who has not paid their dues or fees two days past the deadline for doing so.  Follow the By-Laws as established in Chapter VII, Section 4.

IX.  Secretary Guidelines
A.    Purpose:  To keep all current records of MACD. Keep on file minutes, meeting notes, reports of audits, other documents of importance or of historical interest to MACD, and perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office.
B.    The Secretary shall serve for three (3) years.
C.    Receive requests for changes in membership status.
D.    Keep attendance records.
E.    Payment of annual dues and assessments by the Secretary will be waived during this three (3) year term.
F.  Work with President to develop Board and general membership agendas and send out appropriate drafts and finalized agendas to committees and Board of Directors.
G.  Send out minutes of Board – general business meeting 1 to 2 weeks after those meetings occur to Board and committee members.               

X.   Secretary Yearly Activity Overview
  • 1.July
a.    Verify Stationary needs for the year (letterhead, envelopes, labels, postage)
b.    Mailing (electronic or hard copy) to the membership
1).    Cover letter
2).    Letter from the President
3).    List of Officers
4).    List of Committees
5).    Dues statement (use different color for active and senior membership.  Send statement of life membership to life members.)
6).    Meeting Agenda

  • 2.August                                                                                                                                                                
a.    Set up attendance book
b.    Follow the Order of Business under Chapter X, Section 2.
  • 3.September
a.  Follow the Order of Business under Chapter X, Section 2.
  • 4.November
a.  Follow the Order of Business under Chapter X, Section 2.
  • 5.January
a.  Follow the Order of Business under Chapter X, Section 2.
    7.  March
            a.    Follow the Order of Business under Chapter X, Section 2.

XI.   Secretary Other

1.    Prepare Past President Certificates
2.    Prepare Membership certificates 
Blank “membership” and “past president” forms are kept by Dr. John Wittenstrom.  Barb Makela of Creative Calligraphy, 952-884-3149 enters the names and dates by hand on these forms.
3.    New member proposal forms.
4.    List of potential members.

XII.   Secretary Meeting Procedure Guidelines
1.    Four weeks before meeting date:
     a.  Confirm with the Local Arrangements Facilitator
1).    Verify meeting location reservations.
2).    Ask President and members for input to agenda.
3).    Give approximate count of attendees and know final count deadline
b.    Reservations:
2 ½ weeks prior to meeting:  E-mail attendance reservations form.
Follow up with those who have not RSVP’d
1 week prior to meeting: Reservations are due 1 week prior to the meeting date and report this number to the local arrangement facilitator.

2.    Two weeks before meeting date:
a.    Verify Board meeting details with President and Board members, as needed. 

3.    Day of Meeting
a.    Setup
1).    Put up banner (bring tape) (delegate?).
2).    Set out name tags (delegate?).
3).    Set out attendance sheet.
Distribute certificate of attendance at end of meeting.
b.    Board of Directors Meeting
1).    Distribute Agenda for Board meeting.
2).    Review Agenda for General meeting.
3).    Distribute minutes of last Board meeting.
4).    Distribute minutes of last General meeting.
5).    Take minutes.
c.    Program and General Meeting
1).    Take notes during business meeting.
2).    Take attendance during meeting
3).    Give Secretary’s report -- (for September meeting, give Secretary’s report for both the March and May meetings).


XIII.   Sponsors for MACD meetings
A.    Premise:
1).    A company or person is willing to sponsor a MACD meeting primarily for the purpose of furthering their business interests, either boldly or quietly, directly or indirectly.
2).    MACD benefits from sponsorship by having increased exposure to potential new membership, increased finances available for seminars and exposure to the sponsors business.

B.    Recognition of Sponsor:
1).    Verbal recognition to the MACD membership at the sponsored meeting along with the introduction of guests.
2).    Written recognition and acknowledgment in our meeting using promotional and communication pieces.

C.    Guests of Sponsor:
1).    Sponsors’ guests will be admitted to the sponsored MACD seminar at no fee.  This could be looked on as the sponsor’s financial support buying admittance to the MACD meeting for the sponsors’ non-member guests.
2).    Sponsor representatives (business owner or employees) may attend the seminar and will be considered part of the total number of sponsor guests.
3).    The total number of Sponsor guests will be determined by the financial contribution of the sponsor.  For example a $2100 sponsorship would allow for seven guests at $300 each, The dollar value of $300 will be adjusted annually or by seminar.

D.    Booth of Sponsor:
1).    A table will be available on the seminar room fringes or in a hallway upon which the Sponsor can present literature and materials that represent the sponsors business.
2).    All sponsor marketing would be done “low key” and must not interfere in any way with the main purpose of the MACD seminar.

E.    Other:
1).    MACD membership lists will not be made available to any sponsor.
2).    MACD reserves the right to endorse any product or service of a sponsor.  Sponsors of a MACD seminar may not use their sponsorship in any way as an implied endorsement of their business or product.
3)    MACD seminars run on a tight schedule with a lot packed into a short time frame.  This format needs to be respected and any sponsor must work within this framework.

F.    Authority:
1).    The Program Committee is responsible for sponsor arrangements and the MACD Board of Directors must approve the Program Committee actions.